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Fostering an Inclusive Economy

Richland Library North Main | Columbia, SC
Richland Library North Main is empowering a community of civic activists in an environment of joyful expression of color, pattern, and inclusion.
Services Visioning, Programming & Interior Renovation Completion: September 2016 Area: 14,000 sq. ft. Budget: $3,000,000

Located in the heart of a historic community of civil rights activists, Richland Library North Main is fostering civic engagement and cultural pride. At community meetings, elders spoke of a vision for an empowered population and a thriving neighborhood. They requested a library for large groups to gather to foster political activism, a library for youth to prepare for kindergarten, a place for teens to unleash their creativity, and a place that will provide job placement. The library has created joy, ownership, and community pride in the vibrant café, the teen’s recording studio, community meeting rooms, the outdoor playground, the puppet theater, and the career networking center. Adapting to the community’s request, the culinary kitchen has already transformed into an art studio!

We’re excited to offer our neighbors the latest technology, job-training resources and dedicated spaces that help shape our children into the leaders of tomorrow.
Diane Artemus, Manager