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Sparking Imagination and Curiosity

Pleasant Hill Library | Pleasant Hill, CA
An unfolding series of worlds shaped by community co-creation! A portal to stories that we create for ourselves, our future, our friends and neighbors.
Services New Building Completion: 2021 Area: 25,000 sq. ft. Budget: $46 million

MSS is working with the City of Pleasant Hill to create a new library building to activate the extraordinary vision of the Contra Costa County Librarians. These innovative librarians generate programs from the “Idea Box.” An entry portal Rube Goldberg machine that reveals the community’s hopes, dreams and aspirations. For years, the community has enjoyed imagining, daydreaming, wondering, discovering, and exploring. For years, the community has enjoyed coding classes, ESL language learning classes, festivals like “Night of 1000 Inventions,” musical storytimes, and Eco-Studio. Now, with this new library building, the community will have the ideal conditions for their imaginations to come to life, with places, tools, and technology to honor this unique utopian model of co-created experiential learning.

Folks often talk about the elusive "library of the future", but Margaret is actually designing them. These are spaces that buzz and pop with the action and ideas of a public they serve.
Patrick Remer, Senior Community Library Manager, Contra Costa County Library, Pleasant Hill, CA