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Las Vegas-Clark County Library District

Las Vegas, NV
MSS collaborated with the Las Vegas-Clark County Library District to generate a new model for facilities master planning to accelerate thriving family-centered cradle to career sustainability in the city of dreams and opportunity!
Services Facilities: 25 Libraries Area: Las Vegas-Clark County Population: 1,300,000 residents Impact Goals: To increase the library’s reach, value, and impact to accelerate the American Dream for all!

In 2018, LVCCLD adopted the innovative Master Facilities Plan Decision Framework, to guide facilities priorities for the next twenty years. Responsive to rapidly evolving community needs and Las Vegas’s volatile financial conditions, the vision and methodology MSS created will ensure that community needs, conditions, and aspirations drive all future capital improvement implementation projects on an annual basis. An extension of the Vision 2020 Strategic Plan that has positioned the Library District to be a vehicle for upward mobility for families, immigrants, and long-time Vegas residents, MSS designed a first of its kind approach to facilities master planning to be an extension of LVCCLD’s business growth plan. With a system-wide approach, the role and purpose of the facilities will grow market share and generate value by re-aligning the facilities to be active instruments of family-centric futures: the future of learning, the future of cultural creation, and the future of talent, skillset, workforce, and entrepreneurship.

MSS evokes experiences, inclusion, and impact! MSS is a master community builder, creating places and plans that grows our community reach, generates community wealth, and energizes our staff for imaginative possibilities!
Danielle Milam, Acting Deputy Director, Las Vegas Clark County Library District