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Preparing Youth for Their Future

Sports-Based Youth Development Learning Center | Harlem, NY
This Center will be the first of its kind STEM Lab in New York City to promote project-based learning, character education, and mentorship for youth in Harlem!
Services Visioning, Programming, Design Completion: 2019

MSS collaborated with a sports-based youth development organization to envision, design, and create a program curriculum to expand their current facility, incorporating racial equity and social justice. The Learning Center will fulfill the organization’s mission for closing gaps and opening doors for young men of color by furthering the organization’s community outreach and by providing robust STEM programming. The space is designed around a series of “academies” focusing on the game of golf as the platform for learning. Students have space to prepare award winning science projects, space to develop their journalism talents, and space to create, tinker, and grow. The expansion provides individuals access to tools, technologies, and mentors to develop 21st century skill sets for college and career readiness.

The Studio understood how to create educational spaces and experiences that build on the programs that make our work with the young men successful.
Farrell Evans, Non-Profit Developer, Sports Journalist